The Association For The Improvement Of Minorities in the Internal Revenue Service (AIM-IRS) was founded in October 1969 because of barriers and impediments placed on minority employees seeking career advancement. Black employees from the cities of Washington D. C., Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Newark convened in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to discuss Equal Employment Opportunities. From that initial meeting, a second seminar was planned for the following Spring.


The seminar was organized and those instrumental in formulating the first conference were Wyatt Trent, Thomas Boyd, and Raymond Knight. Regional Commissioner, Dean Barron, also showed an interest in the organization by attending the conference and sharing his ideas on EEO objectives.


AIM-IRS has been responsible for initiating classes to develop the career and educational needs of minorities. AIM-IRS has sponsored classes on how to pass the Federal Entrance Examination and the Pace Test; classes in Tax Research and others on how to enhance and obtain better evaluations from superiors.