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We want to welcome you to the Cincinnati Service Center Chapter website. We are a growing chapter focused on enhancing the capacity of each member. We strongly believe that providing an environment where our members can develop their skills and advocacy to achieve their career goals improves our work environment and our community.

Deborah Dowell - Interim President, CSC Chapter



The purpose of the Association for the Improvement of Minorities is to educate and develop our members to their fullest career and personal potential, and instill in them the highest degree of confidence in their abilities; in a manner that is free from negative influence and discriminatory policies and practices. To achieve that purpose, we will:


  •       Educate and Counsel our members as to opportunities for career and personal advancement;

  •       Foster Equal Employment Opportunity;

  •       Provide a Self-Help Network to further the general welfare of our members;

  •       Promote local and community wide services that assist individuals seeking career and educational support;

  •       Cooperate with all government agencies and other organizations in taking lawful actions to ensure the removal of discriminatory policies and practices.

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It's that time again to recommit to the most diverse and innovative chapter in AIM-IRS. Our Membership Drive is in full effect. With all the changes in the workplace, it is crucial to have the right guidance and advocacy.

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AIM-IRS CSC Chapter is a 501c3 organization and donations are tax deductible.