The program committee is at it again. Providing the critical sessions you need for your continued success.



2012 Line Up




 1.    State of the Chapter / 2012 Vision - Feb 8


 2.    Black History Program - Revealing the 'Mystery' in History - Feb 22


 3.    Women's History Program - Passionately Pink - Mar 26 - 30
        Dress Your Desk - Mar 26
        Pink SWAG - Mar 27
        Supported Strength & Susan B. Komen Foundation - Mar 28
        'Support the Cause' Balloon Release - Mar 30 


 4.    Central Region Spring Conference - May 18 & 19


 5.    Kick Start Your Career Week
        What is AIM-IRS? - Jun 25
        Professional SWAG Tuesday - Jun 26
        1st Impressions (Mary Jo Williams) - Jun 27
        Creating Your Career Development Plan - Jun 28 


 6.    National Conference - Aug 6-11, Tulsa, OK


 7.    All member Meeting - Sep 22


 8.    Crucial Conversations (Jim Rogers) - Sep 26


 9.    Effective Work Relationships (Kirk Newland) - Oct 24 


10.   ExecConnect (Campus Directors)- Dec18



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I just wanted to let you know that you class on MPQ was one of the best classes I have ever attended since working for IRS.  I have been working for the IRS for 10 seasons.  You were very informative, relaxed, alert, attentive & knowledgeable for the fact that you only had a short time to get prepared for the class.


Marva H Szumowicz

Remittance Perfection Technician

TEGE / Receipt & Control

...Gwenda was a great sounding board and adviser concerning my desire to pursue the revenue officer position.  Once I knew I had an interview she connected me with a longtime Supervisory Revenue Officer who helped me prepare for the interview.


I am very happy to say Gwenda's AIM-IRS mentoring heart and nature was instrumental in me receiving the RO job offer.


Additionally, I was able to attend the AIM-IRS conference in Grand Rapids where both my current director and new director were presenters, and I was able to engage both in casual conversation during the conference.


AIM-IRS is as tremendous an opportunity as you will make it be for career and professional development.  I'm very thankful for the organization and its extremely encouraging leaders and members.  If you're not involved with AIM-IRS, you're missing out--BIG TIME!


LJ Payne